2014 has been a jam-packed eleven months so far, with plenty of things to celebrate as well as everyone’s fair share of challenges! I hope you’re giving yourself credit for what you’ve accomplished, and cutting yourself some slack around the things that haven’t yet evolved to where you’d like them to be.

To reinforce what I hope you’ve learned this year, here’s a recap of this year’s topics you can use as reminders and affirmations, to keep up your momentum as you look toward 2015.


What You’ve Learned in 2014

Here’s a quick summary of our monthly topics
and key take-aways, with a link to
the first post for each month:

  1. January: Rising To Your Challenges

    What really matters to you? What are your most important desired outcomes, and what stops you from achieving them? Clarity, commitment and a supporting team of “angels in your corner” form the foundation upon which all personal progress is built.

  2. February: The Caregiver Challenge

    As caregivers for our parents, we can easily slip into old behaviors and attitudes that make things harder. It’s also common to neglect our own dreams and wellbeing. We need to stay aware of the importance of self-care! Remember to “Put your own oxygen mask on FIRST!”

  3. March: Sibling Caregivers

    When we recognize the “roles” we all had as children, we discover why our relationships as adults got stuck being the way they are. Be willing to let go of the past. Be who you are today, and – with love and compassion – allow them to be themselves as well.

  4. April: Self-Care Mastery

    Taking great care of ourselves includes regular practices that provide powerful and authentic self-acknowledgment, appreciation and loving kindness to ourselves. Become clear about both your needs and the value of your contributions – especially to yourself!

  5. May: Giving and Receiving

    There is an art to thoughtful giving that recognizes what’s important to the other person. Seek also to experience the benefits of receiving as generously as you give. It boosts your self-esteem and helps in maintaining strong, loving and respectful relationships.

  6. June: Words Really Do Matter

    To step into our power to create the life want, we need to be aware of the words we use – both out loud and in our heads. Replace any deflecting and discounting of compliments and acknowledgments with gracious gratitude. You deserve credit for your achievements!

  7. July: Celebrate Your Successes

    Create a habit of welcoming acknowledgment and praise, feeling gratitude for that recognition, and basking in the glow of success. Then be sure to Appreciate, be Bold, and keep your Commitment to attaining your desired outcomes. Celebrate every forward step!

  8. August: Relaxation and Enjoyment

    We all need relaxation and FUN in our lives to balance the responsibilities we’re handling. Practices such as inspiration (as in BREATHING), laughter and fun visualization are great tools for supplementing the times when you get to really “pull the plug” and relax for a while.

  9. September: Releasing Regret

    Regret about opportunities lost can be debilitating when we feel that we can’t forgive ourselves and move forward. Use Dr. Jane Simington’s 4-step regret-releasing process to take back your power, live life fully, and freely explore all your greatest possibilities.

  10. October: Come Out Of Hiding!

    Don’t engage in comparisons, and don’t be afraid to let your light shine. Remember, you are NOT a fraud! Use the “Owning Your Power” and “Tame The Monster Within” exercises to embrace the value of your authentic self, and turn your monsters into beloved teachers!

  11. November: The Power of New Behaviors

    When you change how you interact with yourself and the world, you’re bound to encounter resistance – internal as well as external. That’s just fear of the unknown; don’t let it stop you! Practice the 5-step “Initiating New Behaviors” process to create permanent new habits.

  12. December: Do You [Want To] Fit In? (Stay tuned, coming soon!)

    Do you feel like you can really be yourself in your family? Or do you pretend to be the way you think you need to, in order to keep everyone’s love and approval? Maybe being unique and unexpected is the more empowering, fulfilling experience – try it!


It’s sure been 11 months of deep exploration and learning hasn’t it? I’ve never looked at all the topics summarized in one place like this. Wow – and this summary doesn’t begin to capture the detailed assessments, examples and tips included in all of the individual weekly blog posts.

I sincerely hope you’ve gotten a lot of information that has helped you better understand what drives your thoughts and reactions in the face of your own “pop quizzes.” I’m also hoping that you’ve tried out the various exercises and practices that I’ve shared with you. They are designed to help you not just understand why and how to effect change in your live, but to instill that change organically in your mind, body and spirit.

If you’d like to share any of your experiences in using the tools and practices, or any successes along your personal journey to Being Well Within that were made possible by something you’ve learned here, please send me an email! I love hearing about the positive changes you’re making, where you hit stumbling blocks, and especially how you’ve learned to overcome them.

Congratulations on all your hard work, and get ready for another great lesson for December!

Loren (Loren@BeingWellWithin.com)

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