Let Loren Inspire - and Equip - Your Next Gathering of Caregivers to Take Better Care of Themselves

Caregivers learn early to put their own needs on hold

They learn that their needs are not as important as the needs of their parent, grandparent, spouse or whoever in their life requires care. Whether a necessary or chosen caregiving commitment, they take on an assumption that their loved one must always be viewed as the priority, at all times and in all situations.

Loren opens their eyes to the reality that, to be able to sustain their ability to provide effective and loving care over any length of time, the exact opposite is true: they MUST make sure that their own needs are met as well!

Whether through her books, workshops, individual sessions or virtual support groups, Loren’s mission is to reach caregivers when and where they need help most, assure them that their wellbeing is just as profoundly important as that of the people they care for, and teach them the new habits and perspectives that will empower them to treat themselves with love, kindness, generosity and compassion.

Loren Helps Caregivers See When They Are Stuck in Survival Mode

Do caregivers in your audience say “yes” to 3 or more of the following?

  • Are you tired of doing everything for everyone else, with no time left for yourself?
  • Do you ever feel angry that it’s all up to you, and just “same stuff, different day”?
  • Are you sick of telling others you’re “fine” when you know you aren’t?
  • Do you wish you could say “No” to some requests – without feeling guilty about it?
  • Is dealing with siblings or other relatives a constant source of friction or resentment?
  • Would it help you to focus on your own needs for a change, to get clearer about what you really want, then master effective new strategies for having more of that in your life?

Loren Helps Caregivers See That They Have Choices

Loren’s 1 hour talk will reveal how your audience members can:

  • Create 3 crucial boundaries that assure that they take care of themselves first
  • Release the overwhelming impulse to do things for others simply out of guilt
  • Make clear requests of others without fear of being judged or rejected
  • Get clear about what they WANT to happen, versus what they THINK they can achieve
  • Discover the #1 the tool to stop communications from becoming explosive confrontations in seconds
  • Learn the one crucial sentence that can help them receive support from others and change their life forever
  • Consistently make themselves a priority, clear in the knowledge that YES, they really do matter

Conference Keynotes, Presentations and Radio Shows

Caregiver Speaking Engagements

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Keynote for Caregivers Coalition of New Jersey

Keynote for Caregivers Coalition of Bergen County

Bergen County Women Business Owners

Post Stroke Survivors Group

First Light Home Care

Radio Show – Loving the Life You’re In

#1 Rated Program on World Talk Radio

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Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz – The Fifth Agreement

Christine Louise Hohlbaum – The Power of Slow

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Sue Urda – Powerful Intentions, Everyday Gratitude

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Don Miguel Ruiz - the Fifth Agreement

by Loren Gelberg-Goff interviewing Don Miguel Ruiz | In this excerpt Loren explores Don Miguel's teachings about building and maintaining a positive self-image, which supports our commitment to self-care and healthy relationships and communication with others

What Attendees Are Saying About Loren’s Presentations and Programs

“I have been a caregiver for years, and listening to your talk I learned new strategies, tools and ideas that are different and valuable.

You are amazing.  Thank you for all the help your one talk will be in my life.”

~ Mary S. - Caregivers Coalition of New Jersey - Conference

“After attending my first caregivers coalition conference, and hearing your talk, I learned that it may really be possible to set better boundaries with my aging mother without guilt or anger. WOW!”

~ Lorraine M. - Caregivers Coalition of Bergen County - Conference

“Amazingly helpful and beneficial to so many areas of my life.  I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Renee S. - Post Stroke Group Presentation

“Loren’s insights, support and guidance opened my life to so much more joy and abundance I never realized before. My marriage has improved, I have more compassion for my aging parents and my overall health has even improved. I laugh more readily now. And to think I thought I forgot how to enjoy life! I am forever grateful for working with Loren and all that our work together has done for me.”

~ LB, TBYL Virtual Group Program Participant

Some of Loren’s Keynote, Training and Workshop Clients:

The Bottom Line:

Loren is a Compelling Speaker Who Gives Caregivers Hope, Practical Solutions and the Tools to Make Life-Affirming New Choices
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