The subtitle of this post should be:

(psst! You Have No Idea of Your True Worth!)

…because I’m willing to bet that statement is as true of you as it is of most people.

For instance…

Do you look in the mirror and like the person you see, or do you look in the mirror and wish that you were someone else – anyone else?  Do you feel envious of other people’s lives, personalities, style, abilities, or qualities…? Does the list of ways you wish you were – but clearly aren’t – go on and on as you look at – and compare yourself to – others?

Do you feel inadequate compared to the nature and size of the problems in the world right now? As though nothing you could possibly do could even make a dent in improving things?

But maybe you’d still like to try….

Well, what if I told you that when you look around at the chaotic, contentious, cantankerous world we live in right now, that YOU are the person the world is waiting for to help make things better? I mean that metaphorically, but also literally, because we all have the ability make a difference whenever we choose to, both in our own small sphere of life and in the larger world as well.

I don’t say that to put pressure on you, or make you feel obligated to do anything in particular. That is the opposite of my intention, because I just want you to know there is an invitation there to make your unique contribution, to contribute your unique brand of love, caring and even pure genius. EVERY contribution makes a difference, whether it’s just to one person in your life (including to yourself!), or whether it makes a global impact.

And by the way, guess what: the world has always been this messy, or pretty darn close! We just get a kind of amnesia, as the generations progress, about “how things used to be” before our time. And it has always been “ordinary” people who stepped up to do something about the things that really hurt, worried and oppressed people, to change things so they would be more humane, more equitable and more sane.

So…how about it – are you ready to open yourself up to making a difference in your world this week? If so, repeating the following affirmative declarations now and several times a day over the coming week will help remind you of your choice to play a bigger game. (and yes, playing a bigger game for no one but you makes a difference… and we breathe)


Practice For Stepping Up and Owning Your Power to Make a Difference

Look in the mirror, take a slow, deep breath and say:

  • I’m glad I’m me, and I am willing to share who I am without reservation,  and this makes all the difference in my life!
  • “There is no one else in the world with my particular gifts, and only I can give my unique gifts to others.”
  • “I am ready to make a positive difference in my world, and I look forward to seeing new opportunities to do just that!”
  • I love and respect myself just the way I am, and I’m grateful to have these wonderful opportunities to be of service!
  • May the love, generosity and caring that I feel my heart be shared abundantly with all who can benefit from receiving it.”


As you repeat these affirmations, I invite you to feel the pleasure you deserve to experience from being just who you are! Regardless of where you are in life or what you’ve accomplished so far, you are valuable.

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