Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Loren Gelberg-Goff, LCSW?
Loren Gelberg-Goff, LCSW, is a psychotherapist in River Edge, NJ who has been in private practice for more than 25 years.  Through individual sessions, workshops, and group programs, Loren provides a unique style of “holistic therapy” that helps people become authentically empowered, confident, and strong.

Loren’s clients report that, as a result of their relationship with Loren, they are able to live their lives more fully and with a renewed sense of inner peace and wellness.

Loren provides individual and marriage counseling, hypnotherapy and neurofeedback; all of which serve to enhance self-esteem, and aid in stress management and relaxation. She has produced workshops and seminars, print and online magazine articles, a series of audio CDs, and hosted a weekly Internet radio program “Loving the Life You’re In”

Loren is the author of the upcoming book for caregivers, And We Breathe (due later this year – stay tuned!). She co-authored her first book: Being Well Within: From Distressed to De-Stressed, which teaches readers how to effectively overcome the negative effects of stress in their lives and enhance their self-esteem.

What is Loren's Well Within Mission?
Loren is committed to providing you with powerful tools and strategies to help you  Learn to take as good care of yourself as you do of others in your life. Through workshops, seminars and webinars, Loren supports readers as well as virtual- and live-event participants in making tangible and long-lasting changes.  The benefits include effective coping  strategies, reduced stress reactions, higher energy levels, and stronger self-care practices.
What are benefits of attending a workshop Loren leads?
Attending one of Loren’s Well Within workshops will teach and support you on the best ways to face “the curves life throws you”, so that you can make the necessary positive changes you want in your life.

Workshop participants acquire powerful tools to help them:

  • Manage Daily Stress
  • Resolve Conflicts Quickly, Effectively and with respect and compassion
  • Balance Work and Family Responsibilities and obligations
  • Manage Life Changes With Strength and Serenity
  • Forgive Fully
  • Enhance Self-Empowerment and Self-Worth
  • Navigate Life Transitions: Professional Growth, Life After 40, and Divorce/ Starting Over
  • Reduce Anxiety While Caring For Elder Parents
  • Handle Life Changes Or Illness Of Loved Ones
What business and corporate audiences have you spoken to in the past?
Satisfied clients include:

  • M&M Mars
  • ExxonMobil
  • Paine Webber
  • Swiss Re
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Chubb Insurance
  • The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO)
  • Bergen County Professional Women’s Network
  • Rotary Clubs
  • First Light Home Care
What are some Being Well Within “success stories”?
Here are just three of the numerous happy testimonials we’ve received over the years:

“I attended a Discover Your Authentic Self workshop with the expectation that I would simply feel good at the end of the day. Instead, I faced some hard truths in my life, and became aware of the pressures that had been weighing me down and causing so many physical health problems in my life. I left the workshop with new-found determination, clarity and focus and, with Loren’s gentle yet firm support and guidance, I was able to make the necessary changes in my marriage and my job so that I could really turn my life around from being stuck and unmotivated to speaking up, being heard and staying focused. In my 40 years, I had never experienced such a turnaround in my life that I have been able to maintain and grow even more.”

“Loren’s Forgiveness workshop helped me to reclaim a relationship with my mother that I thought was beyond repair. I learned how to get beyond my pain and reclaim the parts of me that got lost in all the fighting and judgments, so that I could grow and be free of the burden that relationship placed on me (or the burden I placed on me). I truly got my life back after that day. I am forever grateful to Loren” (Nancy)

“Having spent most of my adult life suffering from all sorts of physical maladies, I discovered that most of them were a direct result of how I handled (or didn’t handle)the stress in my life. I took the workshop From Distressed to De-Stressed and learned new coping skills, strategies and perspectives that have forever changed my life. Loren is a skilled practitioner, and her insights and the way she shares information made it easy for me to understand, learn and make the changes so I could get healthy. I participated in my first workshop with Loren in 2010 and almost 5 years later, I have never missed an opportunity to attend a program or workshop that she offers.” (Eric)

How do I schedule Loren and her partners to come to my company/organization and give one of their great workshops?
Below is Loren’s contact information. Please call or email her directly to discuss presenting an empowering program for your company or organization. How can I help you and your co-workers? Let me know!
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