Family Caregivers!

Wish you could find freedom
from all the stress and overwhelm?

You Just Did!

Loren’s life-changing new book, written just for Family Caregivers, can help you have exactly that!

Loren Gelberg-Goff, the expert in caregiver stress-busting, setting
compassionate boundaries and effective communication, brings you
the definitive guide to simple but radical caregiver self-care…
so you can take as good care of yourself as you do of your loved ones!

Finally, a detailed guide for mastering every challenge a family caregiver is likely to face.
Loren provides a step-by-step process for 11 caregiver-proven strategies to empower you in situations that previously drained and frustrated you.
Even caregivers who were feeling overwhelmed, upset, exhausted, discouraged and stuck have transformed seemingly unresolvable situations using these same steps.
Following Loren’s clear and simple steps for whatever situation you’re facing can help empower you to:
– feel less guilt, anger, overwhelm and anxiety
– get more cooperation from siblings with fewer conflicts
– get some rest and replenish yourself and still get it all done
– handle unexpected setbacks with more ease and success

With this book, Loren is already giving family caregivers just like you a whole new lease on life..and you deserve that too!

“I have read a lot of books on caregiving and have also been in support groups, but this author really opened my mind and heart by what she had to say. I finally realized that taking care of my husband for so many years had really taken a toll. Since I never was able to put my needs first since I would feel guilty until I thought I was going to completely fall apart. I now know that I have to stop feeling like I have to solve everyone else’s problems when all I really had to do as she said in her book is take time to “breathe” and take time for myself. Also asking others for help is not a sign of weakness.”

Sooner than you think, you can free yourself from feeling stuck in a constant struggle to get through each day….

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to be the best-cared-for, happiest version of yourself possible. You really can be relaxed, compassionate, resilient and loving – and embrace each day without stress or regret.

There are things you can do – right now (and you will find them in this book!). Step by step, Take Back Your Life gives you the tools and practices for creating empowering new habits that lead to a life more like the one you’ve been wishing for.

Discover new choices and options for dealing with daily responsibilities and challenges more easily.

Get your copy of Take Back Your Life, and start finding the freedom you deserve…while still being a loving and compassionate caregiver!

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What Take Back Your Life readers are saying:

As an Aging Life Care Professional(R), I work with elders, their families and caregivers every day. The stresses on caregivers are enormous. I am excited to recommend this new book to all caregivers who need to take care of themselves while also giving of themselves.”

– Deborah Liss Fins, LICSW, CMC and Past President, ALCA New England Chapter

“This is the sharing of a personal journey in a friendly conversational style, combined with well reasoned professional guides that will actually help you….I’ve blazed through it with the comfort one would in reading a novel, and come away with insights and exercises that have helped clarify my own thoughts.”

– Jack Becker
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“The advice in this book is priceless and most importantly will help caregivers embark on the journey of caregiving with love in their hearts and a huge burden lifted off their shoulders. Take Back Your Life should be on everyone’s must-read list!”

– Amy Fuchs
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“This book is a survival guide…(and) game-changer for caregivers. As a caregiver for my mother, I needed to be supportive and empathetic to my mom as well as my dad who was experiencing immense grief. Thank you for reminding me that it is so important to care for myself so I am better able to care for my family.”

– Marla L. Isackson
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“Loren has really delivered an excellent book which has become a source of comfort for me! I constantly find myself going back to the book and rereading parts when I feel alone and trapped by my life…it really helped me understand my situation better.”

– Peggy Larson
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“With its clear prose and even clearer thinking, this book offers some down-to-earth, psychological good sense for struggling caregivers….I will recommend this book to my own psychotherapy clients.”

– Barry Jacobs
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Read what professionals are saying about Take Back Your Life!

Four Stars!

TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE endeavors to award caregivers the same compassion they give to loved ones in need. Gelberg-Goff provides peace of mind allowing readers to, truly, regain control.

Perhaps not everyone has the experience of being a caregiver, but with more and more of the American population aging, it’s becoming a universal experience. As author Loren M. Gelberg-Goff cites in her book TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE: A Caregiver’s Guide to Finding Freedom in the Midst of Overwhelm, 43 million Americans provide care to loved ones. So the growing reality is that, at some point, most folks will find themselves in the position of having to give permanent or temporary life-sustaining care to someone close to them.

Caregiving is no simple task. Much is asked of those individuals who step up to provide safety, comfort, and connection to those who have lost their fortitude due to age or circumstance. Days are filled with shuttling family from appointment to appointment in between sorting medication. There are sleepless nights of intense worry and stress. And that’s just the beginning.

Gelberg-Goff has experienced caregiving both in her personal and professional life. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 35 years experience in many types of therapeutic capacities, including creating the virtual support group, Take Back Your Life: The Art of Self Care. She also has provided long-term care for her husband and aging parents.

Her book furnishes readers with a firm, but empathetic, structure that may help them to break free from anxiety and helplessness. The book includes thoughtful prompts, workbook exercises, meditative breathing techniques, useful resources, and practical real world teaching examples, whether the circumstance is age sapping the strength from a parent or disease besting the most vital, energized child.

Rather than focusing on what cannot be changed, Gelberg-Goff urges caregivers to earmark “desired outcomes.” Whether they ultimately decide that they need to hire a health aide or simply take a night off, Gelberg-Goff provides the advice to helps them get there.

Nicki Yowell


Get your copy of Take Back Your Life, and start finding the freedom you deserve!

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