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Working with Loren has truly saved my life! I could not have moved forward and made the changes in my life without you. I have suffered long and terribly through my life and after working with you both individually and in your groups, my life has truly turned around 180 degrees. I went from depressed, anxious and multiple physical problems to feeling alive, hopeful and so much more aware and respectful of my needs and feelings. If anyone out there doesn’t believe in miracles, you haven’t yet met Loren and what she has to offer.”

Amazingly helpful and beneficial to so many areas of my life.  I can’t thank you enough.

I continue to listen to the replays, and always find something new, different, and valuable.  You are amazing.  Thank you for all your help in my life.

I was able to realize I need to take better care of myself and learn to approach things in a different manner!

I realized this summer that the 1x per week program kept me calmer, more grounded and more adept at
handling this challenge of caregiving for my husband. Looking forward to each Monday
Night session kept me more focused on the positive.

Wow… I never stop learning from you.  Your programs have helped me to totally turn my life around.  Thank you so much!

I participated in your Take Back Your Life group program, and for the first time in my life, I can honestly say I ‘get it.’ I learned so much and feel like I can finally let go of the pain I have been carrying towards my family. Never have I felt so alive and aware. You are the best, I cannot thank you enough for helping me to ‘take back my life’.

You have no idea of how much of a comfort Loren’s Take Back Your Life Group is. I am not alone when Loren speaks!

Just wanted to let you know that the program Forgiveness: Letting Go and Living Free was great. More than interesting, it hit home on many personal thoughts and healing for me. Healing and changing my life’s habits and beliefs for the better… NOT easy, but very necessary and actually comforting. Thank you!

“All anyone has to do is listen to one program with you and they will know immediately that they have found real help for their life. I have been blessed to work with you individually and only recently joined your group program, and my learning and growth have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you, thank you!” (DO)

Thank you for taking the time and energy to share such an amazing step-by-step process for helping me and others take back control of our lives! I’m slowly reading Take Back Your Life, which is also absolutely amazing and delightful to read. I finally was able to listen to the step-by-step recording and hope to start working on the steps as well as the worksheets at the end of chapter 1. Keeping focused and motivated to do the necessary “work” is going to be my biggest challenge.


I always walk away with deeper insights and awareness about myself and my willingness to feel uncomfortable committing to a desired outcome. Our talks have helped me to better see and identify my patterns and habits, and find ways to overcome them one step at a time.


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