Special High-Impact Mastermind Group Format

This is a virtual group of committed, impassioned participants determined to make changes in their life in order to have the quality of life that really makes them happy.  We meet via telephone so you can participate from the comfort and privacy of your own home – no need to travel anywhere.

The groups are held twice yearly and run for 15 sessions total, with calls on the first 3 Monday evenings of each month. The first 2 Topic Calls will cover a specific aspect of self-care mastery, with handouts and worksheets you will use to customize the lesson to your exact experience and needs. The 3rd will be a Q&A Call in which you can ask me any question about any of the topics, and explore with me and your fellow group members ways that you can further increase your self-care mastery.

This group is custom-designed to give you the strategies, learning and skills you need to make the desired changes in your life; changes you’ll use so you can manifest the relationships, money and life you deeply desire and deserve.

  • Week 1 of each month is a teaching call about our subtle success saboteurs – when you start to see these more clearly, you can really begin to take back your life!
  • Week 2 I’ll cover the hidden hot topic related to that month’s saboteur, that interferes with you moving forward until you begin to identify and silence it!
  • Week 3 will be a live Q&A Call to give participants the opportunity to have their specific needs, concerns or issues addressed during the group ~ in this way each member is fully supported in their individual path to growth and success.
  • Weeks 4 & 5 I’ll be providing you with additional thought-provoking worksheets that build on weeks 1 through 3, plus a powerful affirmation to further enhance your learning and turn what you’ve learned into new, more effective habits.

Take Back Your Life and start handling all kinds of personal and professional situations with more ease – including your next family holiday get-together!

If you have been disappointed in the past by family vacations that sounded great but ended up in a mess, come learn how you – all by yourself – can turn this year’s summer break into a more peaceful, successful and HAPPY experience for yourself. Now you’ll know what to do when other members of your family “behave badly” and spoil your fun. This is the perfect time to imagine – and actuallycreate in your life – the kinds of healthy, fulfilling relationships with family and friends you’ve always wanted.

The only barrier standing between how things are now and how you want them to be is not having theknowledge of HOW to make the specific changes to get you what you want. That and a littleguided practice to help you build up your mastery of a few new skills is all it takes. So get started now, and see what a difference five months can make!

Sail into each season and family event with a new sense of accomplishment, the confidence to set your sights on any desired outcome, and a new ability to truly feel peaceful, relax and enjoy your family and friends.

Here’s what Loren will teach you in this very special 5-month program:

  • YOU Matter! Putting Effective Self-Care Back into Your Daily Routine
  • An Unshakable Foundation: Building Powerful Self-Esteem
  • Being True to Yourself: Setting and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries
  • Say Goodbye to Guilt & Emotional Blackmail: Saying “No” with Compassion
  • Using Anger for Good: When and How to Express What Needs to be Said
  • The Art and Power of Forgiveness: Giving Yourself the Gift of Freedom
  • Transforming Communication: Creating a Path to Your Desired Outcomes
  • Dealing with the Inevitable: Handling Hurt, Rejection and Disappointment
  • Releasing Self-Sabotage: Harnessing the Power of Your Hidden Beliefs

Fill in the form below to find out more. Loren will call you to give you all the details, and answer any questions you have!

PLEASE NOTE that participation in the TBYL Group is based on a complimentary personal consultation with Loren, to make sure that a particular group will meet your needs. To explore whether the upcoming Take Back Your Life! Mastering Self-Care is well suited for you, enter your information below. Loren will get back to you shortly to schedule your complimentary 30-Minute Consultation. She looks forward to speaking with you!

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