Meet Loren

There’s a reason she’s so committed to helping
the many caregivers who seek her out for advice and support….

Loren hasn’t just studied the needs of caregivers from a professional standpoint – she has walked the walk as well! Loren knows exactly what it means to be a family caregiver – she has experienced all of the stresses and life-complicating “pop quizzes” that entails – or darn close!

As a busy professional with two young children who was growing her thriving psychotherapy practice, Loren wasn’t prepared when her husband suddenly became disabled in 1997 with an excruciatingly painful condition.

Even nearly twenty years of experience by then as a therapist, working with chronically and terminally ill clients and their caregiver family members in settings including hospitals, clinics, hospices, and adult day programs, did not prepare Loren for suddenly being thrust into the role of primary caregiver.

All those years of helping others deal successfully with their caregiving challenges did not provide any buffer from the shock to the system it is to suddenly take on that role herself.

In addition to now flying solo in all aspects of childcare and household logistics, she still had the demands and pressures of managing her growing professional practice.

Loren’s firsthand experience navigating this journey, learning to manage life anew with her husband’s illness (and, later on, helping to meet both of her aging parents’ increasing needs as co-caregiver in their declining years), means not only that Loren walks her talk, but also that her ability to talk with authority on these subjects, and help others find workable solutions, is unparalleled.

Loren caring for her Dad in 2015

Loren’s work with caregivers, and her dedication to helping them transform struggle and overwhelm into freedom, have made her a valued member of the community of self-development and self-healing experts. She has had the pleasure of including many of her colleagues as guest experts in her programs, as well sharing speaker podiums at conferences and other events, participating in podcast interviews, and collaborating with them on other projects and programs.

These esteemed colleagues include Dr. Bernie Siegel, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr. Margaret Paul, Christine Hohlbaum, Dr. Joe Rubino, Eldon Taylor, Jan Denise, Steve Goodier and many more.

In addition to her individual psychotherapy practice and specialty programs for caregivers, Loren is a sought-after keynote speaker, and has presented numerous corporate seminars and workshops over the years for companies in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Loren also offers customized and expanded programs for private events, including charitable components, events open to the public, and a multi-topic series of ongoing workshops for professional development.

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