Looking for More Individualized Support?

Loren Gelberg-Goff, MSW, LCSW Offers A Full Range of
Psychological Counseling and Alternative Modalities
to Help You Take Back Your Life

Loren is committed to holistically supporting her clients in achieving greater emotional and psychological health and overall wellbeing.

She offers individual psychotherapy as well as private neurofeedback and hypnotherapy sessions for patients in her office in northern New Jersey.

For circumstances when time or distance make an office visit impossible, Loren also provides half-hour private telephone counseling sessions.

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Psychotherapy: Counseling Services with a Broader View of Wellness

Loren infuses her psychotherapy practice with a variety of traditional and eclectic techniques to help each person achieve his or her greatest emotional and psychological potential. Through individual counseling sessions, workshops, audio CDs, and newsletters, she provides a unique style of psychotherapy that helps people become authentically empowered so that they can live their lives to their fullest potential.

When working with Loren Gelberg-Goff, there is no “typical” psychotherapy session; each session is as different as the individual in Loren’s office. Through talk therapy, guided meditations, and other alternative modalities, Loren helps individuals look past what is on the surface to go deeper into what is making them feel stuck in dysfunctional patterns, habits, or relationships and what keeps them locked in non-productive behaviors.

People come to Loren for help with a broad range of issues such as:

  • Low self-esteem, low self-worth
  • A sense of powerlessness, feeling like a victim
  • Boredom, general ennui about life; a wish for something more fulfilling
  • The sense there is more to life than what he/she has now, “something is missing”
  • Overwhelm, stress, burdened by life’s responsibilities
  • Not sleeping well or enough

Relax—you’ve come to the right place. Your journey to wellness, more fulfillment and joy, higher self-regard, and better life balance starts here.

Neurofeedback: Balance Your Brain’s Activity for Optimal Overall Functioning

Neurofeedback enables the individual to heal emotionally by reframing actual brain activity. It is an amazing system that actually teaches your brain, through positive feedback, to perform more efficiently and to be more balanced. In short, neurofeedback enables your brain to perform as evolution has designed it to function.

Using brain wave patterns recorded by an electroencephalogram (EEG), the non-invasive neurofeedback process teaches you how to change your brain waves so you gain more control of your brain states. Neurofeedback helps your brain focus, relax, overcome anxiety, and:

  • Is effective in reducing obsessive thoughts
  • Balances emotions and thought patterns
  • Relieves feelings of panic
  • Reduces problems associated with ADD, ADHD, OCD, PTSD; sleep disorders, PMS, and much more.

Neurofeedback is brain exercise. It helps sharpen the brain’s function, calms it, and improves its stability.

Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation. Good self-regulation is necessary for optimal brain function. Learning self-regulation enhances your central nervous system’s function and therefore improves mental performance, emotional control, and physiological stability. Neurofeedback can also help alleviate anxiety and depression.

Neurofeedback works with the brain’s internal regulatory networks. By observing on the EEG monitors we can detect when the brain goes into disregulation. Through a process of stimulation feedback, the brain becomes more balanced, focused and efficient.

Neurofeedback benefits individuals of any age. This process can help a variety of childhood problems (including ADD/ADHD) and adolescent struggles. It can help anyone maintain good brain function as they age, and it is effective for professionals to enhance their abilities in sports, business and the arts.

Hypnotherapy: Using Your Most Relaxed State to Achieve Powerful Breakthroughs

Hypnotherapy makes use of the extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation to bypass the mind’s “inner critic” so that we become responsive to suggestions and/or changes on a deeper level within us. Hypnotherapy promotes healing of past traumas, anxiety, stress, helps us to do deep inner work to heal, and is an effective tool in breaking addictive habits. Past-life regression sessions are also offered. There are many myths and untruths about hypnosis but when used properly by a skilled hypnotherapist such as Loren Gelberg-Goff, this technique can produce life-changing results. Loren always ensures that you are safe and secure; she creates a supportive environment where you can explore your issues and claim your true power for your life. You’ll be deeply relaxed, but you will always know what’s going on and be able to determine if you’re ready to confront the deeper issues that may arise. The subconscious is strong and will not allow information through that you are not ready to deal with. You may stop the process and leave the “trance” at any time. However, in the privacy and comfort of Loren’s office, you might just find that you are indeed ready to take advantage of the benefits of hypnotherapy . . . and live fully and authentically, just as you deserve.

Telephone Consultations:
For Extra Sessions Between Regularly Scheduled Appointments
Or When You Can’t Come to the Office in Person

If you are unable to come to Loren’s office, or have an emergent issue arise that cannot wait for an in-office appointment, you can pre-arrange a half-hour telephone session. Please fill out the form below to request your appointment, submit your information and Loren will respond as soon as possible with a date and time. The cost for the phone session is the same as a regular session.

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