Last week’s teleseminar on Gratitude was a huge success.  We’ve had many responses to the program with people asking for more thoughts and ideas on bringing gratitude into their lives.  I was fortunate to receive the following message from Paula Gregorowicz in my inbox just the other day, and with Paula’s permission, I am reprinting it here for you to benefit from her recommendations as well.

10 Ways to Express Your Gratitude to Clients and Colleagues
by Paula Gregorowicz

Gratitude is a worthwhile daily practice. The words “thank you” are so simple to say and can have such a huge impact on others. There is no better time than now to tell people you’re grateful for that they matter to you and have made a difference. With Thanksgiving and the holiday season on the way, opportunities abound to express your sentiments of gratitude.

First, make a list of all the people you are most grateful for. These are all the people you are glad to have in your life.

Within your business these might include:

  • Current and past clients
  • Joint Venture partners
  • Mentors, colleagues, and other supporters
  • Referral partners
  • Friends

Don’t let the gratitude stop at the office, though… keep listing those who make a difference for your life:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Neighbors
  • Service providers (healers, health care practitioners, your auto mechanic, vet, etc.)
  • Spiritual mentors, church community, other community organizations you belong to
  • Your children’s teachers, coaches, babysitters
  • Anyone who goes the extra mile to serve you

Here are 10 ways you could express your gratitude today and any time you want to let them know they matter to you.

  1. Send a card/note: There is nothing as wonderful as the art of a handwritten, snail mail card from the heart. Whether you use a digital version of a handwritten card or pen and ink, it works.
  2. Give a gift certificate: Send them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant or store, online or off.
  3. Spend time together: Absolutely nothing beats quality time spent together. Make time to unplug from the routine and electronic gadgets to gather together and connect.
  4. Surprise them: The possibilities are endless here. Whether you surprise them with something big or small, an unexpected act of kindness warms the heart. From flowers to baked goods to fresh fruit and veggies delivered, there is a way to send just about anything to anybody.
  5. Treat them: Go out for a meal, movie, or activity and treat them by picking up the tab. It doesn’t have to cost a lot; it’s the gesture that matters.
  6. Tell them they matter: Doesn’t cost a dime and you don’t have to wrap it. Call or visit them and tell them how much they mean to you.
  7. Buy them a book: Choose a book on a subject matter that interests them and send it to them as a surprise. You’ll be supporting their growth and enjoyment while also expressing your thanks. 
  8. Public praise: Shout it from the rooftops that they matter or did a good job. Recommend them online, praise them in a business meeting, or give them a shout out in some way that tells the world how great you think they are.
  9. Do them a favor: Without being asked, do something for them – shovel the driveway, volunteer to babysit, or support one of their upcoming projects.
  10. Gift to charity in their name: Choose an organization or cause that you know matters to them and make a donation in their name.

Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. Pay it forward whenever you can and be sure to let those who matter to you know they matter (don’t assume they know…and even if they do know, it’s always wonderful to be told so).

How do you express gratitude to those you care about who have helped you along your journey?


Paula Gregorowicz plucks women off the hamster wheel of overwhelm, struggle, and self-doubt and guides them to a purposeful path of building authentic and successful businesses.   Download the Free Audio: Shift Your Relationship with Time Management  at  (Also, check out her beautiful book: Open to Your Intuitive Intelligence:Reflections on Nature and Wisdom)
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