Did you know that November is National Family Caregivers Month? If not, here’s a great way to celebrate it while there are still a few days left!

In keeping with last week’s article about the real secret to being self-reliant, I want to share with you a wonderful article written by Virginia Morey. It’s called 10 Ways to Help a Caregiver and it’s posted on the website of A Place For Mom, which itself is a good resource to know about if you’re thinking about a potential transition in living and/or care arrangements for your parent or other loved one.

The author of the article was the sole caregiver for her mother for 25 years, after her mom became debilitated at 63 by an aneurysm and subsequent brain surgery. So she is an expert in all the ways caregivers unconsciously avoid receiving help, by not letting those around them know just what they’re going through and the toll it’s taking.

This article describes ten different ways to be a more enlightened friend or family member to a caregiver, with excellent ideas for getting to the heart of what will help the most – and may not even take a great deal of time or effort! As I said in last week’s post, oftentimes the people around you just don’t know what kind of help or support to offer, or when…so they don’t speak up. Give them an assist!

Tell them “Wow, I didn’t even realize how much I actually avoid receiving help from people till I read this article!” and send them the link. I suspect they’ll be glad to know they now have a standing invitation to do something that they know in advance will make a difference for you – most people really do want to help.

Here’s that link again. Let me know what you think, and whether it helps you establish a more effective, ongoing support system!

And we breathe,


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