Want to start an unstoppable wave of success in your life? Here’s how!

First: Keep Celebrating The People In Your Life

I’ve been describing in recent articles how we are all givers and receivers in every transaction. I want to make sure now that you know this includes every conversation, even those that don’t involve giving or receiving praise or appreciation.

How does that work? Well, we always have opportunities in our communications with others to acknowledge them – or, as I like to say, celebrate them – in both direct and indirect ways.

For example, even when there isn’t an obvious opening to say something like “Thank you for the compliment, it feels really good to hear that from you,” we can convey admiration and respect in non-verbal ways. When we listen fully to them, and our facial expression shows that they are the only person in the room to us in that moment…even ignoring the beep of a text message coming in on our phone (!)… we are letting that person know clearly that “you matter to me, and I value and appreciate you.”

I call that celebrating the people in our lives, and my wish for you is that you feel that freedom to do that for yourself, as well.

Second: So, Enough About THEM, Let’s Talk About YOU

You know how people at sporting events sometimes do “the wave” to acknowledge an exciting play or moment in the game? Well, I want you to set up a “wave” of self-celebration in your life. The goal is to make it such a habit that it becomes second nature. Once you do this you will be amazed how your brain begins to guide you to make better choices, and with more consistency, so you are more able to achieve your desired outcomes.

Why? Because it wants to feel great, the way it does when you celebrate!

I say if you’re going to make a habit of anything in life, why not get hooked on the experience of encouraging yourself?

The great news is, there are hundreds of opportunities every day of our lives to celebrate accomplishments. And just in case you are feeling a little skeptical about that statement, here are some examples that are so low-key you just might not recognize them as being accomplishments:

  • You get a report done on time at work, and you feel comfortable that it’s well-written and that your boss will be satisfied with it (note that I didn’t say “You wrote a report that will change the world, and your boss will be so excited she’ll promote you on the spot.”)
  • Your child does something you’ve asked him a million times not to do, and instead of getting upset and frustrated, you take a deep breath and say (for example), “Sweetie, can you try harder to remember not to do that? It would really help me keep things better organized around here.”
  • Someone sends a “curve ball” your way by letting you know at the last minute about something that’s happening in the next couple of hours that you MUST allocate time for. And instead of focusing on how angry you are that they “didn’t think your time was important enough to tell you sooner,” or how you “never have any control over your life,” or “how inconsiderate people are to schedule these things in the middle of the work day”…you take a deep breath and focus on figuring out how you can juggle some things to make it work – and, lo and behold, you do!
  • You drop a dish, or delete a computer file by mistake, or forget to pick up the laundry, or stub your toe…and you don’t call yourself a stupid idiot. Instead you remember to pause, take a deep breath, and smile – and say, “well, no big deal – I’m handling a LOT right now, and doing pretty darn well in the scheme of things!”

Those are just FOUR simple, everyday examples…just imagine all the ones you can come up with in a day, a week, a month, a year! And by the way, if you think those are little things? Trust me – those are NOT little things! There’s GOLD in them thar hills!

We all tend to “skip over” these sorts of events and experiences, with the result that we cheat ourselves out of a celebration. So I encourage you to be on the lookout constantly for things to celebrate, both large and small.


*** Better still, if try as you might you just can’t come up with anything in your own daily life worth “woo HOO!”ing about, don’t suffer in silence! Right now, before you forget: Email me at Loren@BeingWellWithin.com for a complimentary 20 minute consultation. I am confident that together we will discover that there is much more to celebrate than you realize. Let me help you start making a habit of seeing everything you’re doing and accomplishing for which you deserve credit and praise!

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