Welcome to 2016!

Question: What has already shown up on your radar screen this week as something you would like to change in your life? Whatever it is for you, I encourage you to make that your first desired outcome, and make a solid commitment to achieving it!

Why be so blunt and direct in suggesting that you get that serious about your goals right away? Because I don’t want you to waste any time not having the life you really want!

My message this week is simple: The key to making positive change is uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back from change, then replacing those beliefs, one by one.

So my mission for this blog in 2016 is to provide the best possible tools and guidance for you stay on the path, making those valuable discoveries and taking the steps to embrace new, more empowering beliefs.

Growth only happens when we’re willing to be open to the possibilities for change around us and within us. In spite of all the hardships and challenges along the way, we can always hope and work toward something better in our lives. We can choose to focus on what it is we really want, and take steps every day to bring us closer to having it.

Sounds like a pretty great way to spend a year, staying focused on ways that will actually make your life better – right?!


Here’s how to get started: Look at your answer to the question at the beginning of this post, and take some time to identify what your belief is about why that part of your life is the way it is. You’ll probably come up with some beliefs about other people, and the world in general, that you think are at least partially responsible for it being that way.

That’s fine, but what I want you to do is focus on what is it about you – what do you believe about yourself, underneath the surface circumstance – that has it be a problem for you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For example, the thing you want to change might be feeling bad that you’re in a dead-end, low-paying job. Or it might be that you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and obligations. Look underneath the surface: are you afraid to try for a better job because you believe you’d never be hired? (That’s a form of the belief “I’m not enough!”) Is there a part of you that knows you could be super-organized and efficient, but you resist being that way because you believe people will think you’re trying to be better than them? (That’ could be a belief that “I don’t deserve to be successful!”)

Look deep – one key is to keep asking, “…and what does that mean?” over and over, until you get to the simplest, most basic fundamental belief that is the driver behind your feeling stuck with that problem (and notice I say “feeling” and not “being” stuck – words matter!).

There, congratulations! You’ve uncovered your first belief to shake up and dispel in 2016, so that you can open up a whole new universe of options in your life. (And for more about what to do next now that you see it, stay tuned for lots of suggestions – or contact me if you want to cut to the chase and learn about some great options you can try right now!)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


It’s my intention and hope you’ll always find resources here that help you stay on track, addressing one belief at a time until that belief no longer impedes your progress toward your desired outcomes.

This is a year that will mark many changes globally, nationally and personally. I eagerly anticipate the work we can do together to bring about the personal changes and growth in your life that will make you feel truly grateful when you look back on it next January. I am excited as we embark on this year’s journey!
There’s a lot on my agenda as I start this year, and I’ll keep you posted on the events, programs and seminars I’m hosting as well as those in which I’ll be participating. My commitment is that everything I offer will encourage and enhance your forward movement toward greater self-esteem and self-empowerment.

Let this blog be a space of opportunity for your learning and growth that helps you live knowing your true worth. When you can live authentically empowered and fulfilled, your light will shine more brightly out in the world.

I am delighted to be able to share your journey with you!

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