Esteemed Expert Interview Series

Welcome to the Esteemed Expert Series! I’m so delighted to be sharing with you some interviews from a radio show I had the pleasure to host. In one blog post each month I’ll be bringing you one of my favorite recordings, packed with wisdom and proven resources you can put to use immediately in your own life.

These are such timeless conversations, with such powerful content, that I didn’t want them to just go to waste sitting in the file drawer of history. They contain information that needs to be heard, learned, applied and shared so we can all live healthier, happier lives.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the interviews, and use the valuable tips, tools and practices these amazing experts are sharing with you, to create the life of your dreams!

Today’s Expert:  Steve Goodier

Steve GoodierThis is a wonderful interview I had a couple of years ago with a man whose work and wisdom continue to be a source of great inspiration to me. He is the author of many motivational books, including Lessons of the Turtle: Living Right Side Up.

In today’s interview, you’ll hear (and even “see” thanks to his wonderful visual examples) some of the beautiful, clear lessons Steve is famous for among his fans:

  • How pain is NOT avoidable in life, but joy is (a surprising realization!)
  • How we don’t have to let pain and hard times define our outlook or feelings
  • How bad moods can take us over, and cause us to forget to experience joy
  • How we can change our perspective, no matter what is going on around us
  • What to do so we don’t fall into feelings of powerlessness (when we’re most at risk for avoiding joy!)
  • Specific examples of strategies, attitude and habits that can help you develop a mindset that allows you to experience joy as often as possible

Enjoy this 44-minute audio right here by tapping the Play button below, and be sure to also download it to your favorite device for listening again later!

Click HERE to play and download the interview.


About Steve:
Founder and publisher of Your Life Support System, Steve Goodier holds a B.A. and M.Div., is an ordained minister and author of several books. He has a popular blog and publishes a widely read weekly newsletter that has enjoyed a loyal following since its inception in 1999.

Steve also writes a syndicated newspaper column, is featured regularly in the magazine 24/Seven and is a valued contributor to other personal growth web sites. He teaches, speaks and writes about personal development, motivation, inspiration, and making needed life changes.

His book Lessons of the Turtle is a parable about how you can move ahead in life. As Steve says, “When you’re STUCK in life, nothing goes right until you get UN-STUCK. Lessons of the Turtle will help you get your life right. It’s simple, it’s clear, it’s effective. And it will change your life.”

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