We all face challenges as we travel along this road of life.  Life is full of “pop quizzes” – those opportunities in our lives from which we either shut down and withdraw from life – or learn, grow and evolve.  Those moments when we either stay stuck, or make progress toward discovering our lost, forgotten or hidden self-esteem.

What do you find is your biggest challenge?

For some people it’s speaking up.  For others it’s learning to choose what they say more carefully.  For still others, it can be trusting themselves and having confidence in their own decisions.

For many people, their biggest challenge is staying the course when they decide to make a change in their lives.  Sticking to new truths as you learn them, truths that are so different from what you’ve always believed, can be surprisingly hard.  Like these individuals, you might find that your biggest challenge is facing your truths, and processing what happens inside you once you no longer ignore or deny them.

For some people the biggest – and most unexpected – challenge is sharing or living their new truths when the people closest to them won’t acknowledge their new reality.  Their loved ones might actually set up obstacles, in an effort to discourage these new behaviors or attitudes.

What happens when we don’t have the support and encouragement for our new-found voice, or when people openly question our motives? It can be devastating, and even stop our forward progress altogether.

Are you waiting for other people’s approval before you truly step into your life?

Maybe you’re fortunate in having supportive people in your life, but you’re struggling with the puzzling contradiction that your new awareness feels positive and strong, but your old habits and beliefs keep pulling you back.  Now you feel stuck.  Does this sound at all familiar?  The good news is, this dilemma is very common…and very normal!

Old behaviors, like habits, require no thought or conscious choice.  In contrast, new behaviors require both thought and perseverance, especially in the face of the resistance we feel in response to them.

The whole mission of Being Well Within is about helping you acknowledge the feelings that pull you back, and to know that those feelings aren’t really telling you to “turn back now!”  They’re just a knee-jerk response to anything new, and asking if you’re sure you want to move forward.  If you keep answering “Yes!” and you have a support system cheering you on, those voices and the feelings they represent will quiet down and allow you to succeed.

My goal is to give you the encouragement, strategies and tools that will enable you to overcome these momentary setbacks and stay on your new path; to feel your inner worth and access your true sense of empowerment.

Rediscovering your self-esteem, accessing your power and letting your inner truth that “who you are is enough” shine through means you have to let go of old beliefs and habits.  I understand that this sounds easier said than done.

I also know that you absolutely can do this work.  You just need to surround yourself with a support system of people who will cheer you on, and be there when the challenges feel insurmountable.  Who’s in your corner?


…to be continued….


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