As the world we live in feels increasingly stressful and chaotic, as well as painful and scary on many levels, we come together to connect and to learn new strategies for connecting to our resilience, and this latter part takes practice, patience and perseverance. In other words, this process takes time.

Last week we did a guided breathing meditation to help reduce internal stress and tension. I hope you’ve been able to listen to it during the week. Today I’ll go over a few steps you can take to begin to implement some meaningful changes in your life to further reduce your stress and tension.

Irving Berlin said “Life is 10% what you make it, 90% how you take it…” so this is about how to shift/make changes in how we respond to situations in our lives that we cannot change, but rather have to adapt and adjust to in the ways that are healthy and productive for us.  We need to assess our expectations and our goals. What is your desired outcome?

Let’s start by looking at the changes you want to make for yourself and in your life. In spite of any fears, doubts or uncertainties you may feel, making changes is possible and feasible…

There is no quick fix when it comes to reclaiming your true, unlimited, fully realized self. This is an ongoing process, which can include various techniques, tools, ideas and exercises – whatever it takes to get back the parts of your uniquely gifted, glorious self that have been suppressed, squelched and otherwise lost over your lifetime, or even as a result of this pandemic.

Keep that in mind that it is imperative that you are kind and compassionate to and with yourself! Let your expectations be flexible and adjustable, while holding on your commitment to get to your desired outcome – those changes you want to see in yourself!

  1. Focus on your Desired Outcome… What change within yourself, your relationships, or in your life would you really like to make?
  2. Acknowledge the beliefs and habits that have kept you stuck. Focusing on the importance of your desired outcome… is it stronger than your old beliefs and habits?
  3. One Step at a Time… There are always small steps you can take to get to your desired outcome. Remember, you don’t have to see the whole staircase; you just have to get on the first step. (MLK).
  4. Slow Down andbe patient with yourself… remember that to achieve your desired outcome it takes practice, patience and perseverance… .
  5. Celebrate Every Step Along the Way!ALWAYS be sure to congratulate yourself for catching old habits as they occur, and then practicing a new behavior that moves you toward your goal. Shower yourself with LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT for each step toward Taking Back Your Life.

Need more support, guidance and encouragement to make changes? You can access the Step By Step Guide here.

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