In a world full of hard work and serious challenges, and even sometimes terribly upsetting events over which we have no control, it is absolutely imperative that you be sure to take time out for FUN!

That’s why this month my focus is on “Relaxation and Enjoyment” – after all, it’s August and by definition the last month for taking a summer vacation! Whether leisurely socializing by the pool, seaside or sprinkler, I sincerely hope you have given yourself permission to completely relax for at least a week this summer.

But let’s say for some reason your summer vacation got canceled, or you couldn’t quite come up with the financial investment for any lengthy time off in a relaxing vacation venue. Then it’s time to get creative – and, as old-fashioned and seemingly silly as it may sound, you can start by “turning that frown upside down!” – it actually DOES have a positive physiological effect. A week of just remembering to smile – for no specific reason! – can provide some of the same benefits that a week in a lounge chair would have provided.

Unplugging from your usual daily demands is essential for clearing your head and allowing your body to re-establish a healthy equilibrium. Fail to do that, and your system eventually starts letting you know that it’s running out of juice.

For example, how much more often are you forgetting the names of people, places and things, or something you were just about to say, in the middle of a conversation? Assuming you’re not suffering from early onset dementia, that momentary memory lapse is a powerful indicator that your brain is overloaded and forcing you to back off on your demands that it perform at such a peak level all day, and – for some of us – even long into the night.
Because there is a lot of stress and tension in life, it often feels as if there is no room or time for laughter or joy. However, that is exactly when you need to schedule time to leave your serious concerns behind, unwind and experience something enjoyable.

As I hope last week’s post convinced you, laughter is as important to your well being as learning and growing. In the same way, enjoying art, music, theatre and reading provides a break from work by activating completely different parts of the brain.

Everyone needs a break, not just from their daily routines and responsibilities, but from the thoughts and responsibilities that burden them during working hours. Finding room for connecting with a friend or family member, or an uplifting conversation about something that truly inspires you can offer even more healing benefit than that “few more hours of sleep” you keep saying you need.


Try this affirmation to help reinforce the idea that relaxation, enjoyment and just sheer FUN are an important part of what defines you as a whole human being:

“My soul shines through as I laugh and play,
and I give myself time to do this
each and every day!

Repeat this affirmation often, and at least twice a day, both preceded and followed by a deep, slow breath.


Remember, it takes 28 days to create a new habit. So start this new habit of infusing fun, laugher and leisure into your day today. Share your joy and laughter with those around you. Even better – ask those around you what joy and laughter they have experienced today, or lately – they’ll likely be startled by the question, but what a great conversation could ensue!

The bottom line is: HAVE SOME FUN EVERY DAY – it’s your birth right as a human being, and it’s contagious! So…get out there and spread it around!


Please share your stories with me about the ways you succeed in bringing more fun and laughter into your life, this week and every week. And let me know which ones I can share –anonymously, of course – with all my readers, to give them new ideas for bringing more fun, joy and laughter into their lives as well!

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