I was recently interviewed by Nancy the Nurse Practitioner. We discussed caregiver stress and talked tips on how to de-stress.

Nancy the NP from Caregiver Success presents a new topic about de-stressing as a caregiver.

Meet Loren Gelberg-Goff, psychotherapist, author, and speaker best known for creating the powerful, life-changing program for caregivers in her book: “Take Back Your Life.” She was a long-time family caregiver and has “walked in your shoes.” She teaches in her book about new life skills so you can be free of chronic, daily anxiety and overwhelm without having to constantly feel guilty, angry, and resentful. You can email Loren for a signed copy at loren@LORENGELBERGGOFF.COM or buy the book on Amazon. If you would like her guide, go to takebackyourlifeguide.com for audio and transcript.


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