Memorial Day, which dates back to the Civil War is about remembering those who fought and died for our country, and who, today continue to fight for our country, and not just the unofficial start of summer.  I want to honor our service men and women who sacrifice their lives for us, not just by hanging a flag, or having a barbecue, but by really looking at how we choose to live our lives.  Each of our lives is important, and each of us needs to find ways to live our lives in ways that acknowledges our worth and wholeness. Our lives, and the lives of those who we love, need to be honored, and this includes our parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters who have fought in past wars, and who fight in the current war(s). They have fought for (and continue to fight for) fairness, equality, justice and ultimately a belief in peace.
     It is hard to find or feel inner peace in times of stress and disquiet, but it is what I believe we need to do.  I am focusing less on a global level, and more on a personal level.  I want to honor those who go into service for our country (past and present) seeking world-wide peace, by making sure that I live my life with as much integrity as I can muster, and with as much authenticity and inner peace as I have.  I write and speak about aspects of life, behaviors, feelings and beliefs that impact our actions on a day to day basis. It’s too easy to fall back into old patterns, automatic reactions, unconscious living. I would like this weekend to mark an honest embracing of consciousness, mindfulness and authenticity. It’s not just about living in the moment, it’s being aware of how important each moment is, and how to make the most of them.
     Memorial Day weekend also marks the unofficial start of summer (weather not withstanding); a time when people want to feel more relaxed, more at peace and more at ease. Soon school will be over, and vacations will begin. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and/or gets pumped up for summer fun. It’s a marker of time, and I would like you to take note of the ways in which you can go forward fully and authentically in your life. Are there causes you believe in; goals you want to bring into your life? It’s time to step fully and completely into your life with no excuses. You can make a difference in your corner of the world, you just have to be willing to step into your life with clarity, focus and purpose. It’s important to embrace the the significance of STOP! BREATHE! FOCUS!, and not just to use it  in times of crisis or stress, but in times that are easy, just so you can connect to your inner wisdom, clarity of purpose and “desired outcome”. As Gandhi said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.
     It really does matter how you, yourself choose to live, and remind yourself that you cannot control how others choose to live their lives. So, regarding the service men and women of our collective past, and those of our own personal past, how do you choose to remember and honor them? Stop and think about your life, the lives that came before you and the lives that you touch today, so that in moving into this summer you can do so with greater consciousness, mindfulness and purposefulness. How you live and choices you make really do matter! As you go through your weekend, and through the weeks to come, focus on the following thought: “I live honoring and respecting who I am, and where I come from. I make decisions that empower and enhance my life.”
     I wish you a wonderful holiday weekend, Loren
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