Just a quick note to see if I can help get the gears turning in your mind about how to be bolder and more confident when making your New Years resolutions this week….

I know I’ve always taught you about the benefits of using affirmations and declarations as a way to instill in yourself new beliefs, and to strengthen your sense of personal empowerment and resolve.

And they are great…but let’s face it: sometimes you’re just not ready to make a particular change, and when you declare that you are, your disbelieving inner voice says something like, “Yeah, like that’s going to happen in the next million years!”

…and then you feel neither motivated nor inspired!

In those moments no amount of clever, inspirational wording is going to convince you of your own potential for effectiveness in achieving whatever that goal is.  You see only a complicated puzzle with no solution.  You feel disillusioned and defeated before you’ve even started the new year.

So when you start to feel that you’re declaring an intention or making a promise that you just don’t really believe you’re going to follow through on, try posing your desire as a question, instead of making it a declaration.


Here are some examples if you are dealing with challenging relationships in your life:

  • “How can I take my relationships and my life beyond what I’ve been doing up till now: “grinning and bearing it” while still suffering inside?”
  • How do I get beyond hurt feelings, grudges and resentments, and show up with a loving intention…when I’m not “feeling the love” at all?
  • How might I move beyond making excuses so I don’t have to show up for things, and instead learn to embrace my whole human community – just the way it is – with open arms and an open heart?

Hint…and the answer, to all of these and more, is: You keep learning and growing, keep setting your sights on your desired outcomes, and keep breathing! And planting questions in your mind is how you do all of these things, by:

  1. Opening up your awareness, so you’ll see answers and new solutions when they show up, and
  2. Turning on your creative brain, so that even when you’re not consciously thinking about the puzzle you’re trying to solve, your subconscious will continue to work on it…and voila! Out of nowhere you’ll start to get ideas that would never have occurred to you before.
  3. Feeling inspired, and drawn toward the change rather than forced into something you’re not eager for. When it feels like something you could do but don’t have to do, something you’re excited to try, you can embrace it sincerely and invest yourself in it more passionately.

As I always say, change is simple, but not easy! But I know you can do it. And I’m here to help. So stay tuned….


AND be on the lookout for my new updated website (woo hoo!), and my next upcoming book, And We Breathe – written especially with caregivers in mind – and coming soon!

Don’t forget I’ll be back next week, so if you would like some fresh insights and support in processing your challenging holiday experiences – or any other pop quiz in your life! – be sure to email me at Loren@BeingWellWithin.com to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

I look forward to continuing to provide you the most useful tools, training and resources possible…for 2016 and BEYOND!


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