“Your power lies within you and can only be accessed when you consciously and purposefully choose to act with clarity, focus and direction.” ~ Loren Gelberg-Goff

I am excited as we embark on the coming year’s journey! I eagerly anticipate the work we can do together to bring about the positive change and growth you want to achieve in your personal life.

Below are 12 powerful “mantras” for keeping yourself inspired and inspiring in 2014.  Start using them today to reinforce the progress you’re already making as well as the changes you want in initiate in 2014.  Enjoy!

Keep the following affirmations in mind as we explore
the intricacies of being an individual, relationships, and life in general this year.
Growth only happens when we’re willing to be open to the possibilities
for change around us and within us.

In spite of all the hardships and challenges along the way,
we can always hope and work toward something better in our lives.
We can move beyond simply accepting what is,
to challenging and questioning what is,
and looking at how to make our lives better.

Repeat the following affirmations often as you step into 2014:

  1. Who I am is Enough!
  2. I am Lovable, Capable, Worthwhile and Special and deserve to be treated as such…first and foremost by me, myself!
  3. My Love is a Gift
  4. I Am a Valuable and Worthwhile Person, and therefore when I give of myself I am giving something of true value and worth.
  5. I Am Willing to Challenge My Own Messages and Beliefs that do not enhance my self-worth.

  6. I Honor and Respect the Person I Am, Just As I Am! I also respect the journey I am on to grow and learn.

  7. My Soul Shines and Sparkles, and I dare to share this precious part of me with others.

  8. I Express My Anger and Frustration in Ways that are Respectful and Safe for myself and those around me.
  9. I Listen to myself and others with respect, and without judgment.
  10. I Lovingly and Respectfully Consider My Own Needs and feelings.
  11. I Accept and Give Compliments with gratitude, appreciation and respect.

  12. I STOP! BREATHE! & FOCUS! To give myself space to get centered and have clarity to know “My Desired Outcome” !
    Bonus! the “Baker’s Dozen” #13:
  13. I Am Open to Learning, and Ask for Support when needed, to be the best me possible, and make the most of this one precious life I have.

Whether you read books, listen to educational audios,
take courses, join a group, or talk to someone –
make a pledge that in 2014 you’ll reach out
for new ways to solve problems
and create the life you want!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NOTE: To find out how to keep these commitments to yourself more reliably, schedule a complimentary consultation with Loren – it’s sure to help you start your year more powerfully!

I have a lot on my agenda as I start 2014, and I’ll keep you posted about the events, programs and seminars I’m planning, as well as the ones in which I’ll be participating. Everything I offer will be for your greater good, to encourage and enhance your forward momentum, with the ultimate goal of achieving maximum self-esteem and self-empowerment.

My desired outcome has always been to provide the space and opportunity for your learning and growth, so you can in every moment know your true worth, and live authentically empowered and fulfilled.

This is the mission of Being Well Within and I am delighted that we can share in this journey together!

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