Esteemed Expert Interview Series

Welcome to the Esteemed Expert Series! I’m so delighted to be sharing with you some interviews from a radio show I had the pleasure to host a few years ago, “Loving the Life You’re In.” In one blog post each month I’m bringing you one of my favorite recordings, packed with wisdom and proven resources you can put to use immediately in your own life.

These are such timeless conversations with such powerful content that I didn’t want them to just go to waste sitting in the file drawer of history. They contain information that needs to be heard, learned, applied and shared so we can all live healthier, happier lives.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the interviews, and use the valuable tips, tools and practices these amazing experts are sharing with you, to create the life of your dreams!

Today’s Expert:  Don Miguel Ruiz

Don Miguel’s first groundbreaking book, The Four Agreements, published in 1997 and a New York Times bestseller for over 7 years, was the 36th bestselling book of the decade. Its four simple yet memorable and inspiring behavioral “rules of thumb” were even engraved in a US Air Force challenge coin, and he himself has been referred to as a National Heirloom of Mexico.

That small but powerful book introduced a simple set of practices, based on a combination of shamanic wisdom and an easy-to-understand discipline of conscious awareness, that provided a foundation for people all over the globe to begin to achieve true inner freedom from pain and struggle.

One of the key concepts Don Miguel illuminates in the book, and talks about in this interview, is that we keep “forgetting” that we and our world are perfect, just the way we are and just the way it is. He shows why the “lies” we believe instead are so persuasive and persistent, continually causing us to forget the truth. So if you haven’t discovered Don Miguel yet, with his gift of ancient Toltec wisdom merged with modern scientific insights, you are in for a treat!

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why life tends to feel like a struggle for us, and how we can instantly change it
  • The power of culture to influence our beliefs about what is “true” and what matters
  • How learning language as children literally creates our view of ourselves later in life
  • Why we usually choose judgment and criticism over praise and admiration
  • Why we believe we’re never “enough,” and how to challenge and discard that belief
  • The importance of heeding Agreement #1, to “be impeccable with your word”
  • How to tell the difference between the truth and a lie, once and for all!

Click HERE to listen and/or download the interview.

About Don Miguel:
New York Times bestselling author Don Miguel’s knowledge and philosophy derive from his diverse training both as a Toltec shaman and a surgeon. After a near-death experience, he began to focus his study and practice more on the capability of the human mind and spirit than that of the physical brain and body. The results of his work have shown that we can, without a doubt, simply engage our very capable minds to provide the peace and happiness that we otherwise spend so much of our lives seeking outside ourselves.

His first book was followed by The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, Prayers, Beyond Fear and, most recently, The Fifth Agreement. The latter, a collaboration with his son Don Jose (who experienced his own life-altering physical challenge!), teaches how to transform our lives into our own personal heaven. All international bestsellers, Don Miguel’s books continue to educate and inspire millions of people all over the world to create lives full of love, meaning, connection and satisfaction.

Don Miguel’s research and work have shown that we can, without a doubt, simply engage our very capable minds to provide the peace and happiness that we otherwise spend so much of our lives seeking outside of ourselves. His website is

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