Do you often find yourself feeling tired, discouraged, overwhelmed, or frustrated? Do you get just plain fed up with trying to juggle all of your responsibilities?

What if I told you it’s possible to stop feeling that way just by not believing yourself any more when you say you feel those things?

Right now you’re probably saying something to yourself like, “Huh? What is she talking about? I feel the way I feel – it’s not like I can pretend I don’t feel this way!”


Well…stay with me here, because actually…you can, and your brain will believe you!

Every day you have the chance to single-handedly create more motivation and inspiration for yourself. We all do. These are moments that invite us to be self-motivating and self-empowering, injecting positivity and inspiration directly into our daily lives…and we don’t even know it!

For most of us, literally hundreds of these moments go by unnoticed in a 24 hour period. What a missed opportunity to improve our quality of life! If each of these opportunities was a gold nugget and we grabbed each one as it came along, we’d be wealthy beyond belief.

Well, how about our mental, emotional and spiritual wealth – isn’t that worth grabbing too?! Not to mention that the happier and more empowered we feel, the greater our success in all areas of life…which could include positive financial outcomes as well!

What we usually do when faced with a challenge or upset is indulge our negative thoughts, beliefs and self-talk. We do this because:

  1. it’s what we’re used to and therefore it feels “comfortable” – as ironic and contradictory as that may seem, and
  2. as a result it takes less effort to just slide into the automatic, programmed, self-protective, negative responses than to engage our brain to create new, positive ones…at least until we practice enough to get good at it!

The key is to learn how to be conscious and aware that EVERY discouraged thought, and EVERY self-critical self-assessment, is in fact an opportunity for self-reinforcement and a feeling of self-love.

When we’re so focused on “what’s wrong” and trying to make that part of our lives less bad, we miss out on the gold nuggets of “what’s good, what’s going well, and what’s all right” in those moments. There are always gold nuggets in every situation. You just need to give up your resistance to finding and appreciating them!

Even if all you can come up with at first is, I was willing to get out of bed today and face the world, and that shows how courageous and tenacious I am!” – then use that. That is not “nothing,” I assure you! And you deserve full credit for being willing to take on a new day, especially when it seems as though life has been inundating you with tough challenges!


The Real Gold Nugget: Why Using This Practice Can Make Every Moment Great.

Neuroscientific studies have shown that our brains don’t know the difference between what we think are “facts” and the things that we declare. So whatever positive thoughts and beliefs you declare, your brain accepts as true. You might tell yourself, “I didn’t get that job I wanted because a much better one is coming along soon, and I need to be available to take it.” As long as you say it with a feeling of emotional excitement and certainty that goes along with such a declaration being true, your brain registers your words as true and reinforces the belief that you are a capable, successful person.

So my recommendation is that you make a commitment to yourself that you will continually become better at intentionally thinking self-supportive thoughts and believing self-esteem-enhancing truths, because you choose to practice and persevere!”

This is a situation where “fake it til you make it” doesn’t mean being inauthentic and phony – it means holding a sincerely desired outcome in your mind (such as “feeling inspired and strong”), and focusing your thoughts and actions on fulfilling that, instead of on continuing to catalog everything that’s “wrong” in your life.

Start today and watch what happens!

Need more guidance and support in making these changes… write to me and we’ll schedule time to talk…

I look forward to hearing from you!  and we breathe…

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