It’s official: it’s March 20th and Spring has sprung! And while the grass may not have “riz” yet where you live, an increase in warmth, sunshine and rebirth of all kinds is just around the corner. Here in New Jersey, that’s really something to celebrate!

I love this time of year for the sense of renewal it brings; the blooming and “waking up” of nature all around us creates a constant awareness of new beginnings. This energizes us physically and uplifts us emotionally, even if we’re not consciously paying attention to it.

What better time to “wake up” your awareness of your own worth? With this new season you have a brand new opportunity to say “who I am is enough, and starting RIGHT NOW I’m going to remind myself of that every day!” Once you make the declaration, you’re already set up for success. All that remains is to apply the tools you can find in my blog posts and programs, which are all designed to help you reinforce and strengthen that belief.

Accepting and living your declaration as THE TRUTH involves one more important step: REPLACING old entrenched beliefs and habits that keep you stuck. The key is steering ALL of your thoughts toward your desired outcomes.

Have some fun with it by referencing the change of seasons. Whenever an old, self-sabotaging thought or belief comes into your consciousness, STOP, BREATHE, FOCUS and think, “Nah, that was LAST season’s belief – I’m updating my wardrobe with THIS season’s fashions, and updating that belief, too!”


For example, you may have a familiar, recurring thought such as:

“I can’t get my siblings to help me care for our aging mother – they just expect ME to do it all!”

When you catch yourself thinking that and decide to start fresh with the new “season,” you might rephrase the thought to something like:

“I’m going to set a healthy boundary for myself this week, and let my siblings know that starting next month, they will need to pitch in themselves or hire someone to handle the care for our mother that doesn’t fit into my schedule any more.”

Yes, powerful new behaviors require thought and perseverance, and dealing with others’ uncomfortable reactions until they have adjusted to the NEW YOU. Expect that there will be some resistance and pushback, but you can handle it! Just keep breathing through it – before, during, and after you take new actions.


When your loved ones don’t support and encouragement your new vision for yourself, and your newly rediscovered passion for living a life that truly inspires you, give yourself permission to:

  1. Be a beginner, not knowing every next step before you take action. Remember that famous artists allow the canvas or the marble to “speak to them,” and guide their hand as they paint or carve. That’s the art of navigating transformation: staying aware, and responding to whatever new information or opportunity presents itself. Trust yourself, and trust the process!
  2. Celebrate EVERY victory, no matter how small. I recommend celebrating even thinking about maybe trying on a new way of thinking! That’s an awesome first step that I encourage you to feel joyful about, and repeat early and often!
  3. Allow others to have their reactions (and temper tantrums, if necessary!). Know that it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong – in fact, it means you’re doing something exactly right! Let them know you’re not changing things to upset them, you’re just doing what you need in order to live and honor your own life.
  4. Stick to your position. Even if they refuse to acknowledge what you’re saying (think of it as though they literally can’t hear you – their resistance may be that strong!), don’t backtrack or apologize! If you “stick the landing” as they say in gymnastics, keep breathing and keep your vision of your desired outcome in mind, you’ll stay balanced and strong without becoming upset.
  5. Leave the past behind. Know that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday. If you feel like “I botched my explanation, and if I just say it right, they’ll understand and agree!” – know that today is a new day. You don’t have to fix anything. Wake up each day with a renewed commitment to being heard, being compassionate if others are struggling to accept your changes, and being happy – because you deserve it!
  6. Get help and support! If you hit a snag (or even a wall!) while making these changes, request a complimentary 20-minute consultation with me. I’ll help you figure out how to get unstuck and move quickly to the next level of accomplishment, with more ease and confidence! Call or email me at (201) 489-6720 or

Let me know how it’s going for you – and how you’re making the transformation to the new, more empowered, happier YOU!



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