As a follow-up to Wed. night’s teleseminar focusing on a loving relationship with yourself, and in preparation for next month’s program “Springing Into Your Life”, this message is to reinforce the belief that you really are and always have been worthy, and deserve to be treated as such… first and foremost by you yourself…
“Who I am is enough”… Take in a slow deep breath as you make this statement, and slowly release it, and let the message settle in to your system.
Take another deep breath and say the phrase again, slowly, and out loud. Hear the words; “Who I am is enough”.
Take a deep breath again and feel where in your body the message gets blocked or stuck. Ask yourself: “Do I believe this statement without any ifs, ands or buts?”
If the answer is no, then take an extra moment to reflect on what it means to be enough…
“What is enough?” Do you know?
What’s enough food?; Enough sleep?; Enough time?; Enough love?; Enough energy?; If you do say this statement and believe it without any “ifs, ands or buts”, then allow the warm feeling to settle in as you consciously and lovingly remind yourself of who you are.
Breathe in and out slowly and deeply and repeat the statement
“Who I am is enough.”
Really allow yourself to sit with the feelings that go through you and what it means to let yourself believe this message.
This is where we all must begin, because somewhere, at sometime, or times, in your life you knew that you really were enough and you still are today!
Sit with this… connect with the positive feelings these memories bring back. If nothing emerges right away, repeat the message:
“Who I am is enough” throughout each day. No judgments, no criticisms, just a deep abiding awareness that a shift is occurring in your life, and you are open to it. Deep breath… and allow that breath to fill you completely. “Who I am is Enough!”
You can register for our March teleseminar and get my bonus audio meditation “Who I Am is Enough”…
As Valentine’s Day approaches, please make sure that you are taking loving, respectful and compassionate care of you, yourself, because you are worth it!

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