…How to Release the Beliefs That No Longer Serve You, Once and For All!

In the previous blog post about letting go of limiting beliefs, I walked you through a process for uncovering the beliefs that are holding you back from your desired outcomes.

Now that you have a list of those limiting beliefs, and see how they’ve been keeping you stuck, it’s time to end their hold over you and enjoy the richer, fuller, freer life that makes possible.

The process of releasing an old belief has two components, both of which are essential for lasting change:

  1. Acknowledging the old belief, and
  2. Replacing it with one that encourages, supports and celebrates you – one that you can wholeheartedly embrace even if you can’t “prove” that it’s “true” today. The more you choose to believe it, and take actions that reinforce it, the truer it will feel, and the more it will naturally show up in your day to day thoughts and decisions.

New beliefs provide the foundation you need to blossom into the happiest, most powerful version of yourself that you can envision. You adopted your old beliefs because they were what you needed at the time, but YOU are calling the shots from now on! Here’s how:



First and foremost, before beginning take a moment to STOP! BREATHE! and FOCUS!! Allow yourself to be fully present and open to the process.

  1. Choose a belief to release. Read what you wrote down about it. If there’s more to say about it, such as more feelings to acknowledge about it, feel free to continue writing until it’s all on paper before you. Some questions to consider are: What was its old purpose? Who in your life used to say it, or imply it? What made their statements true for you at that time? How has that “truth” affected your life? Sit quietly with your feelings. Don’t talk or argue with anything that comes up, just sit and breathe.
    If you start feeling really agitated, confused or anxious, give yourself a “time out” to:

    1. Take a walk
    2. Write down what you’re feeling – all of it, in whatever strong language you hear in your head. Remember, no judgment!
    3. Call a friend to vent, ask for a quick “atta boy/girl!” or talk it out
    4. Reach out for professional help and support

Just be sure to stay present, looking at your old belief with compassion for yourself, and knowing it is the gateway to a new belief that will be 100% supportive of you. So keep going!

  1. Challenge your belief! Write down, and take time to acknowledge, all the life experiences that you have had that actually PROVE your old belief is not true. This may be in the form of compliments that you have received, promotions at work, loving relationships, etc.
    And here’s the key to this part of the process: don’t let your mind play tricks on you and try to convince you there isn’t any proof! Even the worst scoundrel was born innocent, and even someone on Skid Row has managed to survive till the present day, so be sure to give yourself credit for every accomplishment, even seemingly small, insignificant ones. EVERY VICTORY COUNTS, especially when the belief was powerful and debilitating. If you really look, you will find plenty of examples that your own powerful spirit has not allowed this belief to completely rule your life!
  1. Identify your desired outcome. What changes do you want in your life that releasing this belief will help make possible? How do you want to feel differently about yourself going forward? Write down all your desired outcomes relating to replacing the old belief. Choose one outcome that most powerfully represents who you would be if you had that outcome.
    On a fresh sheet of paper, write this outcome down as a new, contrasting belief that you’d rather have, and all the feelings associated with it. Make sure it captures the essence of the new you you’re visualizing. State your new belief as declaration, such as “I deserve to be heard and respected,” or “I am smart, confident and capable.” Choose exactly the phrase – the shorter and more specific the better – that inspires, energizes and emboldens you!
  2. Ask yourself: “What am I willing to do to make these changes?” (NOTE: If you feel willing, but don’t feel able, or your don’t know how to go about making the desired changes, you can always get ideas and reinforcement from professional guidance and support in one-on-one sessions or group programs. You really don’t have to go it alone in your life, and the belief that “you should” is in itself a disempowering belief!)
  1. State the following frequently, filling in your old and new beliefs:“I understand and forgive myself for believing _________(old belief), and I am ready to embrace _________ (new belief) because this belief supports and empowers me and enhances my life.”

Repeat the above steps as often as needed for any given belief or situation – the more you do, the sooner and more thoroughly you will replace the old belief with the new one.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let me emphasize that it replacing your old beliefs most likely will not happen overnight!

How entrenched your old beliefs are will determine how much consistent, committed practice it takes to have them fade out of existence. But don’t get discouraged, and don’t give up! Just keep using the steps and holding on to your desired outcome of a happier, more fulfilled and self-determined life.

Understanding and working through your old beliefs is an ongoing process, and I understand that while the concepts may sound simple, the process is not necessarily easy. Once again, please be patient with yourself, and ALWAYS treat yourself with love, respect and compassion, because Who You Are Is Enough, and you deserve to be treated as such, especially by you, yourself!

Your journey to wholeness is filled with challenges, and when you handle yourself with the love and respect you deserve, the challenges will actually help you learn and grow, not wear you down. You are lovable, capable and worthwhile, and you are enough!


Have a question? Need some help with a specific challenge? Email me at Loren@BeingWellWithin.com and let me know – I look forward to supporting your progress!

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