Warning: this is going to seem too simple to possibly provide you with nearly unlimited power to achieve your desired outcomes…but it really DOES!

Make it your daily Mantra:

1.  Before even getting out of bed each day, I stretch, breathe and say out loud: “Today is a brand new day. All good things are possible. I am open to seeing, hearing and receiving the blessings in my life.” This is not just about money and health, but also about love, respect, understanding and compassion. Look for all the blessings in your life, and just as you have found the problems, so too will you discover your ability to find the blessings.. You only have to look and be open to experiencing them!

2.  As I am about to start each activity, I STOP! BREATHE! and FOCUS! My intention is to be fully present in this moment and in this activity. Rather than waiting until the end of the day to reflect back, stop throughout your day and honor each moment. You’ll find that you’ll be more in tune with all the good that is in your day and these moments will have more power and influence. You might even find that just by being present you’ll experience the pleasure of being productive, compassionate, understanding, aware, feeling connected to friends, family, co-workers, etc. and these are all emotional and mental highs in your day!

3.  I consciously create an environment that reflects my positive thoughts and feelings about myself. Look around your home and workspace and see what needs to be modified to create a space that is truly loving and respectful of you. It may be simple, like hanging a picture, clearing out clutter, lighting a candle, or adding a small fountain for a soothing sound effect. Or it may be more involved, like rearranging the furniture, changing the color of your walls, or putting in some new lighting that sets the perfect mood.

4.  I observe a “No Complaining, Just Problem Solving” rule. If something is bothersome to you in your life, choose to skip the time you used to waste complaining about it. Instead, think about what it is you need or want that would be preferable, and how you can bring about that change. Work towards the solution, rather than staying mired in the problem.

5.  I know that Life is all about Attitude, so I pick a good one! Empower your day and your life by honoring and respecting the fact that your attitude can and does make a difference! Think about the people you most enjoy being with. Are they whiners and complainers? Or are they people who, overall, have a positive outlook on life? Which group do you want to be a member of?


Today can be different, and all it takes is your awareness of your thoughts and attitude. Take that deep breath, whenever you hear yourself mired in negativity, and start over.

Yes, it takes 28 days to make a habit, but think about all the opportunities in your day to practice new thoughts, new intentions, and a new attitude.

Make these five steps a regular part of your day, and you’ll see a huge difference in yourself!

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